Complaints and Appeals Procedure

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We hope that you won’t ever be made to feel upset or annoyed whilst you’re at your allotment, but we want to make sure that if you do need to raise concerns about anything, it will be dealt with properly.

Our process is easy to follow and will ensure that every complaint is dealt with fairly and sorted out as quickly as possible.

However, before you raise a formal complaint we strongly encourage an informal approach first. If your concerns are to do with the running of the allotments then please raise your concerns to a member of the Committee, Secretary or Chair. If your concerns are with another plot holder, a Committee member will be more than happy to mediate a conversation for you.


The Process

Stage 1

  1. Raise your concerns via email, our website or in writing addressed to the Secretary of the Society with full details of the compliant. Verbal cannot be accepted.

  2. All complaints will be acknowledged within 7 days of receipt. The Secretary may consult others as appropriate and will give you a formal response no less than 14 days of receipt.

  3. If the Secretary feels the issue needs full committee discussion, they may also escalate the complaint to Level 2.

Stage 2

  1. If you are unsatisfied with the response you can escalate the complaint (called a Level 2 complaint) to be discussed at the next committee meeting.  To escalate, you must write stating why the response given is unacceptable and give at least 3 working days prior to the next published committee meeting which you can find on the allotment noticeboards.

  2. All Stage 2 complaints will be responded to within 7 days of the committee meeting. If a longer period of time is needed you will be informed by the Secretary.


Stage 3

If you are still unsatisfied with the response you may escalate the complaint to Level 3. This must be done in writing to the Chair stating why the stage 2 response given is unacceptable. This will be acknowledged within 7 days and you will be informed of the length of time needed for deliberation (no greater than 21 days) by the Chair or Vice Chair of the Society. You may also be asked to attend a meeting to discuss your complaint. A formal response will be issued within the following 7 days and this ruling will be final and binding with no further right of appeal.