The Society's Officers:

Tatianna Nye, Acting Chair (Vice Chair)

Gillian Mitchell, Secretary

Roger Chastells, Treasurer

Brian Pietrzyba, Trading Secretary/Site Manager

Martyn Daniels, Chairman (died suddenly 18th December 2020)    

Committee Members:

Patrick Davey

Brenda Howard

Chaim Look

Christine Winterflood

Howard Wynne

Chris Parrish

John Horlick 

Heather Peters



All members must be resident in the Borough of Tower Hamlets and proof of residency must be shown on joining and each year when paying fees. There will be three types of membership of the Society all of which will be individual members of the National Society:

  • Duo Plot holders, where both plot holders live at the same address and jointly work the plot.

  • Single Plot Holders, where and individual works the plot.

  • Retired Plot Holder, where an individual is drawing full state pension and works the plot.

An application form to join the Society can be found under Contacts.

Officer Roles and Responsibilities



Principal Function

The Chairperson is elected annually and their duties not only include chairing the monthly meetings but also seeing that the affairs of the Association are properly conducted in the best interest of the members.


Their primary role is to provide steering and vision and ensure the Society management consensus is achieved and is correctly governed.



  • Deliver a first class committee, ensuring all officers have the appropriate capabilities to fulfil their roles

  • Partners with other officers to ensure the Society acts within its constitution, rules and legal boundaries

  • Always keep in mind the interest of members and is prepared to initiate changes to policy to meet changing circumstances

  • Chairs regular Committee meetings

  • Works with the Secretary to produce Committee meeting agendas

  • Ensure all Committee members are clear on what decisions have been made and the results of any voting

  • Communications

  • Has the casting vote


Vice Chair

Principal Function

The Vice Chairperson is elected annually and their principle role is to support and back up the Chair, ensuring consistency of management and controls.



. Audit of processes
. Community outreach


Principal Function

Whilst the Chair is looked to for leadership, it is the Secretary this is expected to carry out the decisions of the Committee and is again elected annually. Their role is to deliver membership administration from application to exit and provide administration records on plots, nurture external relations and ensure the Society acts within its constitution, rules and legal boundaries. It is imperative the Secretary audits, archives and where appropriate, provides transparency of official records and data.

A good Secretary must be a good administrator and a capable correspondent. He/she should have sufficient time to fulfil their duties as it is important that correspondence and other matters arising should be dealt with promptly.



  • Keep up to date contact details for all Committee members

  • Issue new as well as termination of tenancy agreements

  • Investigate Stage 1 complaints and escalate to Committee as appropriate



  • Assist with Site Manager/Trading Secretary with necessary actions resulting from plot inspections  

  • In partnership with Chair, prepare Committee meeting agenda

  • Record minutes of meetings and attendance of meetings

  • Implement decision of Committee meetings in a timely manner

  • Website administration

  • Mudchute Associates and LBTH liaison



Principal Function

The Treasurer is elected annually and their principle role is to produce records of all the Society’s financial transactions ensuring all monies are banked or secured and accounted for. It is essential they ensure that money is only spent as directed by the Committee. This includes the collection of rents and all payments made by the Society.



  • Manage external sponsorship and fundraise for donations

  • Present annual accounts at AGM

  • Monitor project expenditure

  • Pay all bills

  • Ensure that the Secretary has sufficient petty cash to meet incidental expenses such as stamps and stationary (or pay his/her expenses)


Site Manager/Trading Secretary

Principal Function

The Trading Secretary is elected annually and their main purpose is to provide site management of the plots, manage the Society’s equipment, security and ensure that its rules are followed by members. Another key role is to propose, get authorisation and provide trading facilities which add value to members.



  • Greet and meet new members, providing the documentation associated with the new tenancy, and ensuring new tenants are provided with the Welcome Pack, which includes the Society Rules, etc.

  • Work with the treasurer to ensure all expenditure is properly authorised and recorded

  • Undertake the lead role in Plot Inspection management, ensuring documentation is provided for all plots, which fail inspection.

  • Manage the Kings Seeds project

  • Maintain the Notice Boards, ensuring that all documents are up to date, displayed and relevant.

  • Act as the focal lead for projects associated with the Trading Shed, Tree pollarding, communal path clearance, and that the memorial garden areas are maintained to a high standard.

  • Keys to Upper and Lower plots.   To keep up to date records of keys issues, returned and follow up leavers to ensure keys & documentation are not retained by non-plot holders

  • Act as the lead focal point for plot holders leaving the site to ensure that they plots are left in a reasonable condition.   i.e removal of rubbish etc.


  • Liaise with the Committee Members on projects associated with Site maintenance and trading shed as necessary

  • Maintain up to date records of plot measurements for both the Upper and Lower plots.

  • Trading Secretary/Site Manager will be the focal point to ensure that that the site is maintained in good condition, including gates & locks, and communal areas are kept to a high standard..

  • Escalate to the Committee rule breaches and failure to properly cultivate plots

  • Report to the Committee any issues on areas which require attention and provide an action plan to remedy.