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The Society is run by volunteers who manage around 100 plots with an amazing cross section of London Borough of Tower Hamlets residents from all walks of life within Mudchute Park & Farm a Docklands haven

The Society's Officers:

Roger Chastells, Treasurer

Brian Pietrzyba, Container Manager

Howard Wynne, Site Manager

Jonathon Dearden, Secretary

Committee Members:

Patrick Davey

Brenda Howard

Chaim Look

Chris Parrish

John Horlick 

Heather Peters

Zubir Uddin

Abul Kalum Khan


All members must be resident in the Borough of Tower Hamlets and proof of residency must be shown on joining and each year when paying fees. There will be three types of membership of the Society all of which will be individual members of the National Society:

  • Duo Plot holders, where both plot holders live at the same address and jointly work the plot.

  • Single Plot Holders, where and individual works the plot.

  • Retired Plot Holder, where an individual is drawing full state pension and works the plot.

You can join our Waiting List by completing the details found under Contact Us.

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