The Society's Awards:


In 2019 Society reintroduced a number of awards aimed at recognising best practice, good husbandry, contribution and to inspire others to achieve.


2019 Winners:


As Voted by Upper Plot Holders : The IODAS Challenge Cup for The Best Upper

Plot Winner                                       E Miah, Upper 14



As Voted by Lower Plot Holders: The Association Challenge Cup for The Best Lower Plot

Plot Winner                                       E Gigem, Lower 10


As Voted by Upper Plot Holders: The Popular Borough Challenge Cup from 1939 for The Most Productive Upper Plot Plot Winner                                       Lin A Tang, Upper 48     


As Voted by Lower Plot Holders: The Popular Borough Allotment, Lloyd Willey Cup from 1937 for The Most Productive Lower

Plot Winner                                       A and R Earl, Lower 18  


The Perennial Award (for long term membership and continued contribution to the allotments: Jack Howlett Challenge Cup presented in 1933 by the George Hotel, Millwall is in 2019 shared

Upper Plots                                        :                               A Jones, Upper 29

Lower Plots                                                                        V Vincent, Lower 16




The Chair’s Special Award for Continued Contribution and added value: The Charrington Cup

The Winner                                                                        T Nye, Upper 28